Things to Consider First before Choosing a Web Host In 2022

Things to Consider First Before Choosing Web Host

If you are a newbie who has no experience in choosing the best web hosting then this article is for you. Today we are going to list the most essential things which you should have in mind before choosing a web host.

So, let’s begin!

I am assuming that here, most of the visitors are new to blogging and may or may not have good knowledge about web hosting. so worry not, because we are going to talk about web hosting in complete detail.

Things to Consider First Before Choosing Web Host

So, if you have good knowledge about web hosting then, you may skip this part or you can learn something new from it.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a server where our website data is stored and keeps running. So our website stays online forever. Now, the server is just like our CPU. It has storage space, processors, network.

You can make your server, but it becomes very expensive for building our server. As it requires a lot of space and cooling systems. So the servers can be kept cool. A single blogger can’t do.

So, there are a lot of companies that have these servers and provide their space to the clients. This makes the servers very affordable, as the user doesn’t have to manage the servers and pay the rent of storage.

However, the problem arises, when there are hundreds of web hosting available in the market. they all seem best to the new bloggers. But a good web hosting is recommended for a website which will help it to achieve good performance and speed.

So, here comes our list of things that need to be considered for choosing a perfect web hosting.

Things to consider first before choosing a web host

1. Reliability of the company

Many of the web hosting companies are just in the market to fool their users by taking a good chunk of money while providing very cheap quality services. the first thing that should be checked is the reliability and review of the web hosting provider.

Reliable Hosting

If they are in the market for a very long time and have good service reviews. Then you are good to go with them. One such company is known as WPX Hosting. We recommend it to our blog readers. If you need a WordPress host, WPX Hosting is your pick.

On their other hand, if the web hosting is established a few years back, then there is a lot of chances that the company will discontinue its services because of large competition or loss. So it is better to choose the company who have a strong background and offers full support to their clients.

2. Storage space

The second thing to check is the storage space. If they are offering HHD storage space, then the page load speed may be a bit slow. So look for web hosting which is offering SSD storage space.

SSD storage space is the fastest drive technology and they are 10x faster than HHD. The SSD drives improve the accessing speed of the server. This affects the page load speed and provides good speed to the visitors.

Every web hosting has different hosting plans and in that, you may see a different amount of storage is offered. So the website needs to have sufficient storage space to run smoothly. Otherwise, if space will run out then the website will become very slow.

Now, how much size you will need for your website is depend on the type of the website. if you have a new simple blog then it will require 10-20GB of space. Now, it is just an estimation, you can also host the website in 2GB storage but it is not recommended.

So, choose the plan which offers a good amount of storage space.

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the data that is required for the website to transfer data. So if the bandwidth is insufficient then it will not be able to serve new visitors and will be inaccessible to the other users.

So, bandwidth is the most important data resource which needs to be sufficient for the website to run fast and handle large traffic.

Most of the web hosting in their basic plan provides 25k or more monthly visitors. This means that the website can handle almost 25k users.

Now, you have to choose the bandwidth limit based on the traffic you are getting on your website. if you have a new website then it will hardly get 25k visitors in a month. So it is better for new websites.

On the other hand, if the website is getting around thousands of visitors daily then you will need a huge amount of bandwidth limit.

Most of the big plans provide unlimited bandwidth service in their plan. so there will be no restriction on the user’s visit.

4. Free Addons

Every web hosting provides good features and tools which we can also call it addons. These addons are very helpful for the new website. as all these tools and services are very costly if you buy them separately.

However, these add-ons vary from hosting to hosting. so the blogger has to decide which features and tools they need to improve the performance and achieve growth of the website. if they need a free website builder then they should choose the web host which is providing it for free.

5. 24/7 support

Support service is very important for web hosting. as there always will be some problem occurring in the hosting or website settings. So at that time, the blogger needs a support team that can resolve their problem.

Select the host which is providing 24/7 support service all over the world.

6. Money Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee policy is the best thing you should look for in a web hosting plan. because it gives benefits to the blogger to try the web hosting for some time without having the risk of losing their money.

So, if the user is not satisfied with the service then they can cancel the plan within the specified period to get all their money back.

7. Plan price

The most important thing to check in the web hosting is the price of the hosting plan. if you are a new blogger then you may not have a big budget to spend on expensive web hosting. so choose the web hosting which provides all the above service in your budget.

So, here was the list of things to consider first before choosing web hosting.

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